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Meet Lilian Botros of Derma Cosmetika in Camberwell

Meet Lilian Botros of Derma Cosmetika in Camberwell

Dermal therapist Lilian Botros is passionate about skincare, cosmetics, and beauty.

She is also adamant that if improvements can be made non-surgically then don’t go under the knife.

“And I say that from a place of knowledge,” she said.

“I worked with a plastic surgeon for seven years and I have a great respect for what they do and a great insight into when surgery is needed and when it is not.”

When Ms Botros decided to strike out on her own, she founded Derma Cosmetika with a simple philosophy in mind: total honesty.

“When a client seeks advice and help, I give an honest opinion. We can do so much non-invasively now but sometimes there are things that I can’t treat, and I will refer the client to a cosmetic surgeon,” she said.

“I have knowledge of both, and I always am truthful about which is the best approach.”

Derma Cosmetika opened its doors in Camberwell in early 2021 and Ms Botros is beginning to build her clientele.

“Word of mouth is the best recommendation, and slowly the word is spreading that I am here and I can be trusted,” she said.

“What I am proud to offer here is great service, quality TGA and FDA approved equipment, experience and honesty.

“I never cut corners when buying equipment. It is always safe and approved and I am always happy to talk to clients about my background and experience.

“Trust is essential.”

A range of services

Derma Cosmetika offers a wide range of procedures from their signature glow facial to fat freezing and the non-surgical butt lift.

Cosmetic tattooing is popular at the moment, but fat reduction and skin tightening are the main focus for the clinic’s initial clients.

“People are much more aware now of skincare beyond simply makeup and of the many ways to improve their skin and their body shape,” Ms Botros said.

“And I think the awareness is growing that it can be done non-surgically.”

So far, Derma Cosmetika’s clientele is mostly women over the age of 30 but she offers treatments for men too.

“Most of the treatments women come for, men can have too. And I also offer a great treatment for the reduction of enlarged male breasts,” she said.

Camberwell location perfect for clinic

Burke Road in Camberwell was the right location to choose for her business, Ms Botros believes.

“Camberwell is a big and bustling community, and this is a great spot,” she said.

“My task now is to let people know I am here and what I offer. And I am certain that once someone tries a treatment they will return again and also let friends and family know.”

Visit the clinic

Derma Cosmetika

696 Burke Rd, Camberwell

Phone: (03) 9043 1479


All images courtesy Derma Cosmetika.

Derma Cosmetika

Derma Cosmetika

696 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9043 1479


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