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Meet Boaz Herszfeld of Creswick Woollen Mills in Camberwell Junction

Meet Boaz Herszfeld of Creswick Woollen Mills in Camberwell Junction

Boaz Herszfeld (pictured, right) and his sister Sharon (pictured, left) run the family business Creswick Woollen Mills.

For just over 75 years, Creswick – a small town between Ballarat and Daylesford – has been the home of a woollen mill that is still proudly trading.

The growth and expansion of the business has seen the opening of a flagship store in Camberwell Junction, centrally located on Prospect Hill Road opposite Australia Post.

Boaz Herszfeld is executive director of the family-operated Creswick Woollen Mills and has been with the company for more than 25 years.

“Our grandfather started Creswick Woollen Mills in 1947 and it has remained a family business,” Mr Herszfeld said.

“It is very rewarding to operate it along with my sister Sharon.”

There have been many changes and developments through those decades since Paul Ryzowy started the now hugely popular business – not least the Camberwell Junction store opening, which has been a major and positive milestone for the company.

“Creswick Woollen Mill’s new flagship store in Camberwell is our pride and joy,” Mr Herszfeld said.

“We have created an engaging space that offers our loyal customer a cosy sanctuary where they can explore our natural fibre range of clothing, accessories and homewares.”

Mr Herszfeld said the brand’s loyal online customers also love the store.

“They have been so thankful for this convenient location. Creswick has thousands of loyal customers in the suburbs surrounding our store.

“Many have stopped by to wish us well. We have been so excited to see many customers making the journey to Camberwell by tram and train. They are so welcome.”

Meet Boaz Herszfeld of Creswick Woollen Mills in Camberwell Junction

Renowned for quality

In recent years Creswick Woollen Mills has grown its range of quality natural fibre products including merino wool, possum, alpaca, cashmere, cotton and bamboo, woven into modern designs.

“We are a renowned expert in natural fibres,” Mr Herszfeld said.

“As the largest supplier of blankets and throws to David Jones, we are an established exporter of products around the world.”

So, what item would the executive director of a renowned woollen company choose from so many beautiful offerings?

“My favourite product is our alpaca throw rug. Alpaca is a semi-hollow fibre. It is light and warm and so breathable,” Mr Herszfeld said.

“I am lucky to run the design team that creates amazing weaves from this tactile, natural fibre.”

Meet Boaz Herszfeld of Creswick Woollen Mills in Camberwell Junction

Sustainability and community ‘integral to operations’

Sustainability is a key focus for Creswick Woollen Mills.

“It is integral to our operations. This year we have launched a new blanket made from 100 per cent recycled woollen materials, for example recycled jumpers,” Mr Herszfeld said.

“The range is so cosy and good for the environment as well.”

A sense of community and a strong social conscience is part of the company ethos, too.

Over many decades Creswick Woollen Mills has partnered with leading charities to donate blankets to the cold and needy.

In recent years, more than $1 million worth of blankets have been distributed to help people experiencing homelessness.

The business has developed and perfected its online presence ensuring it stayed relevant in the ever-changing retail environment.

“The world has become a smaller place. We can engage with customers all over the world through our website,” Mr Herszfeld said.

“Our website gives our customer the convenience they need if they can’t make the trip to our stores in Daylesford, Healesville, Creswick and Camberwell.”

Although they have a wonderful and rich 75-year history to look back on, Mr Herszfeld and his sister also have their eyes firmly on the future.

Creswick Woollen Mills will likely find many more ways to grow and add to an array of beautiful products.

“This family business has stood the test of time,” Mr Herszfeld said.

“We are looking forward to our 80th year.”

Visit the store

Creswick Wollen Mills

Creswick Woollen Mills

Shop 2-3, 3 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9818 5055


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