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Camberwell cycling studio Sprinnt expands nationally with online classes

Camberwell cycling studio Sprinnt expands nationally with online classes

Indoor cycling studio Sprinnt has transformed their business to offer online, live, in-studio spin classes.

The Camberwell Junction business previously only offered in-person classes at the studio, but the onset of the pandemic meant they needed to pivot and offer customers a way to keep fit from home.

As part of the new service, Sprinnt delivers their commercial spin bikes to people’s homes and sets them up so members can connect to the studio to join live classes

Sprinnt’s managing director Yossi Hayoon said the change allows “anyone from anywhere in Australia to access our spin classes in the studio, live from home, and they can ride together with us”.

The majority of members connect to live classes via an interface on their television so they can have an immersive experience, Mr Hayoon said.

“As you can imagine, this has been a major change and big investment over two very tough years, but the interesting part is that we have expanded our reach to over 100 locations. We have people from all over Australia connecting to our Camberwell Junction hub,” he said.

Prior to the change, Mr Hayoon said Sprinnt only attracted people that lived within a close vicinity of the studio but now they have people joining their classes from locations across Victoria including regions like the Great Ocean Road, Gippsland Lakes and Phillip Island, as well as people from New South Wales and Queensland.

“We have members that have never been to Camberwell yet are riding every week with members in Camberwell,” Mr Hayoon said.

“When we ride in the studio, the members in the studio can see and talk to members riding at home and vice versa. Every day when we ride, we’re riding with a community.”

Mr Hayoon said the Sprinnt community has become stronger and much more diverse, with people aged from their teens to their 80s participating in classes each week.

“An overwhelming amount of feedback from members was how much doing classes from home has positively impacted their mental health. They have found it very beneficial,” he said.

People can access Sprinnt’s at-home classes via a weekly membership fee which includes delivery and installation of a bike in their homes, as well as access to unlimited classes each week.

About Sprinnt

Indoor cycling studio Sprinnt has been operating in the Camberwell Junction precinct since December 2014 and helping people to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

Mr Hayoon ditched life as a corporate consultant in favour of being more active and set up the indoor cycling studio.

Classes begin with a solid warm up before increasing the intensity for a consistent period of time. The intensity level is then dropped slightly with a focus on maintaining that level before moving into a cool down phase.

The cycling studio also offers occasional themed classes as a way to change the normal routine and give members a new challenge.

Examples of themed classes in the past included a 90-minute endurance session and a class that had live musicians playing tunes that members cycled to.

Mr Hayoon has been passionate about creating a community at Sprinnt that welcomes people of all ages and fitness abilities.

“I think people want to belong to a group. And that community experience gives them another aspect of motivation to come and exercise and be inspired and learn from one another,” he said.

Visit the studio

Sprinnt Camberwell


537 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9077 6972


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