Beauty trend: 3 statement makeup trends

eye make up

This season, beauty is big, bold and brave.

Makeup enthusiasts are already decking out their autumn/winter 2018 toolkits with essentials, which features an array of shadows, liners and lashes.

Yes, cosmetic and makeup trends are all about the eyes – and mastering a technique that has been employed by theatre folk for one hundred years.

Here are three statement makeup looks to master for autumn/winter 2018:

1. Exaggerated lashes

Lashes are going to be long, thick and dizzyingly dramatic.

This season eyelids are getting a weightlifting workout, with lashes so exaggerated they would make 60s icon Twiggy gasp.

Dedicated beauty trend followers will be reaching for falsies; others with a true commitment to fashion will be doubling their eyelash extensions; but those who just want to turn up the dial will reach for the heavy-duty mascara.

Tip: Apply mascara from root to tip. Several layers will be required and they will need to dry between applications.

2. Bare face beauty

The great news for those who never really mastered the highlight-lowlight-now-blend technique is that contouring is out.

Beauty news says that it’s all about fresh, clean skin. Yes, it’s time to master the no makeup makeup look.

First of all, ditch the powder (think moist, supple skin) and fake tan (no one’s falling for it).

Opt instead for a light foundation that’s right for your tone, or tinted moisturiser, and add just a hint of pearly blush to the cheeks.

Tip: The clean healthy skin look is best achieved by skin that is actually clean and healthy. Keep up your cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising routine, and remember to stay hydrated during the cooler months, as central heating can really zap that dewy glow.

3. Bold, dramatic eyes

In Paris, the Balmain, Chloe and Chanel shows all featured models with such dramatically stunning eye makeup, it immediately became the must-do beauty trend for the season.

There’s a reason skin is being kept clean and clear: we’re concentrating on the eyes.

Not since the 80s has the cut crease been so big.  The cut crease is a technique where eyeshadow (or liner) is applied just above the crease of the eyelid, to create the illusion of bigger eyes.

The look can be bold and dramatic when smoky, darker shades are used or subtle when softer shades are used.

Tip: Choose rich, smoky tones with a touch of silver for the base colour, and dark charcoal or chocolate for the cut.



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