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OPSM Camberwell

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Comprehensive eye-tests and selection of high end optical appliances.

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OPSM Camberwell invite you to try on their designer brands and friendly service

We know eyewear is functional serving great purposes, however at OPSM Camberwell we want to ensure you get the perfect pair so in turn you can feel amazing. We offer a wide range of designer brands - Prada, Tiffany & co, Giorgio Armani, Ray ban, Oakley and many more. You should have an eye test at least every two years, or more frequently if recommended by your optometrist. Make an appointment at OPSM Camberwell today !

OPSM Camberwell Ray-Ban Prescription Clear Lenses

Get the authentic Ray-Ban experience at OPSM. With new Ray-Ban prescription lenses to go with your favourite Ray-Ban frames, now you can see in style. Ray-Ban Prescription Clear Lenses. Exclusive to OPSM.