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Mongkok Tea House

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Mongkok Tea Room

About Mongkok Tea House

Step back in time to the ‘Golden Years’ of 1970s Hong Kong at Mongkok Tea House, an homage to Hong Kong on Burke Road in Camberwell.

Based on the concept of ‘Cha Chaan Teng’ or Hong Kong-style cafes, Mongkok Tea House combines traditional Chinese and Western cuisines but reimagined into a more refined and modern style.

By night, neon lights glow over the retro diner-esque room, while you are presented with a smoke-encased cocktail released in front of you.

Owners Mark Dang and Jack Lin (of CBD bar Manchuria) have been joined by internationally recognised chef Jack Tsai to create this exciting venue.

The food is a style of fusion cuisine that can evoke nostalgia yet still being something new at the same time. The menu includes house-made doughs such as buttermilk pineapple bun with char-siu butter and pork floss, sesame spring onion sourdough with black vinegar glaze and spring onion oil, spring onion pancakes served alongside sacha beef tartare, house dry aged duck roasted with honey and osmanthus.

Customers can expect pleasant surprises in flavour and texture along with a certain level of comfort and familiarity.

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