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H&R Block

H & R Block Camberwell

About H&R Block

Our Promise
We look at your life through tax… and find ways to help.

Our Vision
Leading Global Consumer tax company, bringing tax and related solutions to clients… year-round.

Our Values
We believe in our people.
• We bring out the best in our people and celebrate their success.
• We take a positive, no-blame approach and continuously learn from our mistakes.
• We aim high.
We take care of our clients.
• We strive to consistently deliver more than our clients expect, and always act
in their best interest.
• We serve our clients how they want to be served, and help them year-round.
We deliver for our shareholders.
• We manage our resources wisely.
• We build sustainable value and return on investment for our shareholders.
We do the right thing.
• We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
• We are open and honest in everything we say and do.
• We take accountability for our actions.