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Dhealth Camberwell

About dhealth

Our mission at dhealth is to offer a different approach to cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry and we have over 35 years of experience. Incorporating technologies designed to eliminate the stress often associated with visits to the dentist we cater for all; from simple children’s dentistry through to all aspects of cosmetic dentistry including:

  • Smile rejuvenation change and makeovers
  • Comprehensive advanced cosmetic and bio-compatible dentistry
  • Invisalign clear removable brace system
  • Non metal porcelain crowns and bridges
  • All types of teeth whitening
  • All aspects of implant dentistry

Our holistic dental approach means we are amalgam free and environmentally responsible with waste metals. Holistic Dentistry takes into account your entire well-being, not just your teeth. We can help you to renew and rehabilitate all elements of your oral health and support you with a sustainable long term preventive program, both at our office and your home. The benefit will be your ability to have a youthful healthy smile for life.