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Things to do in Camberwell on a Sunday

Things to do in Camberwell on a Sunday

Remember that time you experienced the perfect Sunday? A day spent relaxing with friends and family; spending time outdoors; taking your time doing the things that made you happy?

You can recreate the perfect Sunday every Sunday in Camberwell shopping precinct.

From discovering treasures at the market to enjoying a meal and spot of shopping, we’ve got your perfect Sunday planned out.

Here’s how you can enjoy a Sunday in Camberwell:

Begin with a visit to the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market

Start your Sunday morning the way locals have for generations – with a stroll in the morning sunshine, soaking up the sights and sounds of the iconic Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

Search through racks of gorgeous vintage fashion, handcrafted homewares, arts and crafts, and treasures that have been locked away in attics.

The Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market is the perfect place to pick up a unique gift or something special for your home.

Just don’t be surprised if you also walk away with an unexpected find, like a relic from your childhood that sparks happy memories.

Head out for brunch

Now that you’re full of post-market excitement and inspiration, it’s time to hit one of Camberwell’s many renowned cafes and restaurants for a relaxing long brunch with family and friends.

Warm up with freshly baked pastries at Laurent Patisserie, treat yourself to a cake that is more like a miniature work of art at Angelucci, or discover why healthy also means tasty at Soul Sisters Cafe.

Coffee aficionados can find the best drop in Camberwell shopping precinct – not an easy task when Camberwell is packed with coffee specialists but we’re sure you’re up to the challenge!

Things to do in Camberwell on a Sunday

Do a spot of shopping

You’re sufficiently fuelled-up with caffeine, so it’s time to hit the shops.

Whether you have a specific purchase in mind, or just want to jump on the latest fashion trends, Camberwell has all the inspiration you need at every price point.

Camberwell shopping precinct is home to high-end and high street brands, fashion boutiques, specialty gift stores, electronic and tech hubs, florists, sporting goods, homewares and much more.

Make your afternoon productive

It might be Sunday, but you probably have tasks that still need to be ticked off, like going to the gym, getting your hair cut or doing the grocery shopping.

Fun fact: chores become that much more enjoyable when they are done in the vibrant atmosphere of Camberwell.

Things to do in Camberwell on a Sunday

Dine out for dinner

The next big question: where to for dinner?

Allow enough time to ponder this, because Camberwell shopping precinct has so many great restaurant choices, from traditional pizzas, to exotic cuisines, to healthy options and grazing plates.

Catch a movie at the Rivoli Cinemas

The enjoyment of a much-anticipated flick can only be improved upon by being surrounded by the glamour and history of the Rivoli Cinemas.

The art deco cinema is a significant cultural and historical icon in Camberwell and has inspired both lovers of film and architecture for generations.

There is a selection of great wine bars close to the cinema, perfect for that post-movie debrief. Nineteenforty is a rooftop bar located at the Rivoli itself, while Young’s Wine Rooms and Cafe Paradiso, just a short walk across the road, offer a great atmosphere to enjoy a drink or two.


This article also appears on the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market website.


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