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Funds raised by Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market contribute to vital charity work

Funds raised by Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market contribute to vital charity work

Some people find the perfect vintage dress for an upcoming occasion; others uncover a slew of vinyl to add to their record collection; parents might find classic wooden toys; some visitors leave with a tear in their eye, having uncovered a vase or clock reminiscent of their beloved grandmother’s house.

Yet, the one thing every visitor to the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market leaves with is the knowledge that they’ve helped make the world a better place.

That’s because everyone who visits Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market is also supporting vital charity work and causes.

Gold coin donations go a long way

It might not seem like much – gold coins dropped into the iconic yellow buckets shaken by the friendly Rotarians on entry to the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market. But consider this: for more than 45 years visitors have been flocking to Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market, and every gold coin donation adds up.

In addition to their gold coin entry donation, some shoppers throw in a little extra; others drop in the change from their coffee and donuts on their way out. Some shoppers who have picked up a real bargain decide to share the joy and give a little more.

These donations are further bolstered by a portion of the stallholder’s fees, which also goes to charity.

That’s a lot of contributions. In fact, to date, those gold coin donations and stallholder fees have amounted to more than $20 million.

That’s a lot of really good, really important charity work that has been able to be carried out, thanks to folks like you, people who love mindful shopping; people who love Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

Funds raised by Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market contribute to vital charity work

Supporting charities and causes

The good works funded by your gold coin donations are spread far and wide. Some support local groups, others contribute to charitable works around the world – and others contribute to urgent and immediate efforts to sudden and devastating crises.

Gold coin donations from Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market benefit the local community, through the Boroondara Community Strengthening Grants program, which supports 80 – 90 local community service projects annually.

Several Rotary clubs assist at the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market and have developed charitable programs while Balwyn Rotary, who founded the market in 1976, has championed several charitable activities and causes including Fareshare, Autism Centre, Cerebral Palsy Education Project, community housing and Violence Free Families.

Yet, the fundraising also has a far greater reach, supporting Rotary International projects, including those in Timor Leste, a dental health project in Vietnam, artificial limbs for kids in the Congo, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

Most recently, on Sunday, February 19, 100 per cent of all entry donations went to supporting the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

Gold coin donations also fund vital medical research and equipment grants to help organisations such as Australian Rotary Health, Box Hill Hospital, and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

Children and young people are also often the recipients of donations, like the youth development grants for leadership and science programs.

Through their gold coin donations, visitors to the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market make a huge difference to the lives of people doing it tough in our community.

The donations might impact people they will never meet and who will never be able to thank them, but that’s the greatest treasure everyone will discover at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.



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