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Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Get Itchy Feet

Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Get Itchy Feet

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to start planning your 2015 getaways with early bird fares available now for next year.

This is the perfect time to get on board, low fares, high availability and a whole world ready for you to explore. All of the major airlines have sales to pretty much every destination you could think of, so pull out the atlas (or the Google maps if you prefer) and get plotting!

Natalie from Hello World Travel Camberwell says that spring is the best time to book your Eurpoean holiday for the following year and have launched their “Hello Europe” campaign to help by bringing together the best deals and promos available right now.

Can’t wait until next year to travel? Enjoy the springtime shoulder season.

If you just can’t wait until next year to scratch your travel itch springtime, (the shoulder season in industry speak) is often considered to be the best time to visit a wide range of locations. The crowds of the northern hemisphere’s summer have begun to die down yet the chill of winter is still far enough ahead so you can leave the overcoats behind and keep some space in your luggage for some impulse purchases on the road.

Anoush Seifoddini of Fairy Chimneys Travel says this is especially true for those planning a trip to Turkey (a specialty destination for the agency). He advises Australian spring is an ideal time to explore the bridge between east and west with reduced crowds and pleasant climates all over the country affording a hassle free, leisurely experience for all who visit. Fairy Chimneys have also just opened an instore café to keep your energy levels up as you sort out the finer details of your upcoming adventures. Speaking from experience, I can assure you that coffee is a mandatory requirement when it comes to planning a trip.

In summary, spring is excellent. Travel is also excellent. Travelling and planning to travel in springtime is (wait for it) SUPER EXCELLENT. What are you waiting for? Why are you still reading? Go! Quick! Book something!! If you leave now you could be having breakfast in Paris before you know it.

Mmmm croissants.



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