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The T2 Chai Tea Project 2014

The T2 Chai Tea Project 2014

Warm yourself through and through this winter with a taste of T2’s famous Chai Project.

Winter is a great season for tea lovers and to celebrate the cool weather, T2 will be filling up T2 tea flasks with their delicious chai every Friday until the end of June. If you are already the proud owner of one of T2?s gorgeous tea flasks, simply take yours down to T2 in Camberwell (596 Burke Road), and they will fill up your flask with some freshly brewed chai tea.

Don’t have a T2 flask of your own? Well this Friday is the perfect opportunity to pop down and pick one up. Don’t forget to fill your new flask with steaming hot chai while you’re there!

A dash of milk, a drizzle of honey – however you take it, chai is like a big warm hug. Get in to T2 and wrap your hands around a big comforting mug this Friday.

As a part of the Chai Project, T2 have also released a new range of teawares, accessories and feature teas! Here are just a few of the latest arrivals:

The new T2 Chai range

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T2 Camberwell

T2 Tea

596 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9813 3991


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