How to rock the double denim trend

Double denim

With the cooler weather approaching, it’s time to dust off your denim and double up.

That’s right, double denim has returned and although it can be a controversial trend, we believe twice as much denim is twice as good.

Celebrities including Diane Kruger, Katie Holmes and Gigi Hadid have been seen sporting double denim, so we could certainly learn a thing or two about how to style this trend.

The key to pulling off double denim? Wear it well.

Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to rocking the double denim trend this autumn/winter.

Try colour

If you’re skeptical about embracing the double denim look, try mixing up the colours of your denim and you can’t go wrong.

Start with the basics – opt for classic black jeans and pair them with a blue denim jacket.

Or mix up the shades of blue in your denim selection. A pale wash pair of jeans with a dark indigo chambray shirt looks classic and keeps the double denim trend effortless and chic.

If you truly love colour, go to town with mixing and matching your denim shades. Try red denim jeans with a white denim jacket, or a pink denim skirt with a pale blue chambray shirt.

Avoid denim accessories

While double denim has made a comeback, denim accessorising has not.

Yes, you can have too much denim. Avoid denim hats, shoes, belts, bags, or any other type of denim accessory.

Stick to denim clothing when rocking the double denim trend.

Mix up wash and wear

Mix up the textures and shades of your denim by combining different washes or wears, otherwise you’ll look too matchy-matchy.

Distressed is the best way to team denim with denim. But here’s a tip – only pair one piece of distressed denim with another at a time.

Try ripped jeans with an intact denim jacket, for instance. Or a dark blue or black denim jean looks great paired with a worn or distressed denim jacket in a lighter shade.

Dress it up

Because denim originated as 1950s American work-wear, you can up-level your style and make the denim look more luxe.

Add a touch of glam to make your denim more sophisticated – pair your skinny jeans and denim jacket with statement heels or jewellery.

Mix up your style by teaming a lace or silk shirt with your double denim look.

For men, a crisp white shirt looks particularly great with denim jeans and a denim jacket. It’s also a great trick to break up that head-to-toe denim look.



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