Former prime minister John Howard visits Camberwell

John Howard new book The Menzies Era

Last week, former prime minister John Howard visited Camberwell to promote his latest book, The Menzies Era.

Hosted by Dymocks Camberwell and Leader Newspapers, the event included a two-course dinner at Georges Restaurant followed by a discussion led by Mr Howard.

His book explores one of the most extraordinary periods of Australian political history – Sir Robert Menzies served the longest unbroken period of government for one side of politics in Australia’s history, and was in power for 18 years, five months and 12 days.

John Howard Book Signing

John Howard signing a copy of his new book

Speaking at the Camberwell event, Mr Howard said: “Nobody has dominated an era of Australian politics so completely as Bob Menzies.”

Menzies had a commanding presence and a uniquely Australian voice, Mr Howard added.

To date, Mr Howard is Australia’s second-longest serving prime minister and held leadership from March 1996 to December 2007.

“Nobody has dominated an era of Australian politics so completely as Bob Menzies.” - Former prime minister John Howard.

In reference to his book, Mr Howard said the longest chapter focused on the Vietnam War because it was “the most divisive” issue, politically.

He also spoke about how the “middle-classing” of Australia, during the time that Menzies was in power, was most significant.

John Howard Book Launch Cover

The most stable countries, Mr Howard said, are those with the biggest number of middle class people, or those where the masses are closest to being equal.

Addressing the crowd with his sharp wit, Mr Howard shared a few jokes and answered burning questions before proceeding with a lengthy book signing and meeting eager fans.


The Menzies Era (Harper Collins) is available for purchase from Dymocks in Camberwell.


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