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CamberWELL-BEING: Join us on the Wellness Trail 2023

CamberWELL-BEING: Join us on the Wellness Trail 2023

CamberWELL-BEING returns this year to celebrate the excellent range of health and wellness businesses in Camberwell Junction.

Everyone is invited to come along and join the Wellness Trail on Saturday, May 20 from 11am to 2pm. It’s a free event that gives you the chance to explore new and existing health and wellness products and services available across Camberwell Junction.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to give boxing or yoga a try. Perhaps you’re finding your old fitness routine a little same-old-same-old. Maybe you just want to shake up your health regime. Or you’re someone who started off the year with big dreams of getting fit and are a little shocked to realise we’re now a third of the way through it.

Everyone has their own reason for hitting the CamberWELL-BEING Wellness Trail, but they all leave agreeing that a fun day was had and with the knowledge and inspiration to restart their wellness journey.

Wellness Trail participants can try out classes and equipment across participating studios and gyms and will also go into the running to win from a huge prize pool. Past prizes have included gym memberships, skincare treatments, gift vouchers, and more. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

The CamberWELL-BEING Wellness Trail is going to be packed with fun activities and is a fantastic day out for families and friends.

Thanks for joining us at CamberWELL-BEING

How the Wellness Trail works

On Saturday, May 20, throw on your workout gear and head down to the CamberWELL-BEING HQ (located at Camberwell Fresh Food Market, rear entrance), where you’ll be given a Wellness Passport.

Then simply head off along the trail to sample the range of health and wellness businesses in Camberwell Junction.

As you visit each business, you’ll get your Wellness Passport stamped, and when you’ve got five or more stamps, head back to CamberWELL-BEING HQ to go into the draw to win from the huge pool of prizes.

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