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Camberwell on Canvas

Camberwell On Canvas 2021: Art Trail Competition

Camberwell’s annual community art trail returns this year as an interactive virtual experience.

The theme for this year’s Camberwell on Canvas is ‘Local – what does that mean to you?’.

Find clues hidden in designated art works to solve a puzzle. Once you’ve collected them all, the first letter of each clue’s answer will spell out a word that relates to an art style. Make sure you answer it correctly for the chance to win a $400 cash prize courtesy of Aussie Home Loans Camberwell. The exhibition will run from October 19 to November 14. Some artwork is for sale.

Experience the virtual tour here.


  1. Artwork #48 – All about them
  2. Artwork #7 – Traces of the sixth colour of the rainbow
  3. Artwork #24 – Flowering _________
  4. Artwork #34 – Title
  5. Artwork #15 – This mode of transport is going nowhere without them
  6. Artwork #1 – Her name
  7. Artwork #37 – Structures that feature
  8. Artwork #23 – This iconic Camberwell landmark has the letter you want repeated twice
  9. Artwork #35 – Colour in the coffee pot that is similar to a flower with African in its name
  10. Artwork #14 – Second letter of product name
  11. Artwork #9 – Play structure
  12. Artwork #22 – Where was it built?