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Camberwell On Canvas 2016 – Highlights

Camberwell On Canvas 2016

Camberwell’s truly unique “art on show”, Camberwell on Canvas, returns this year for its fifth instalment.

Running from November 15 – 30, the show displays works by local artists in Camberwell’s shop windows.

Artists ranging from juniors and amateurs to professionals have been allocated a store and will create an artwork to fit this years’ theme “Art to Match a Store”.

The Camberwell Centre Association created this community event to promote the unique businesses in the historical Burke Hill part of the shopping precinct, and provide a forum for art lovers. The association provides the canvases on which the artworks are created and allow the artists to sell their art to members of the public, if they wish to, with no commission taken.

The artworks range in styles, from traditional to impressionist, abstract and surreal. The artists have also been encouraged to adopt a variety of mediums in their works including oil, water colour and acrylic paints as well as charcoal and collage.

Camberwell Centre Association manager Kerry Daly said Camberwell on Canvas was a great way to celebrate local art in the shopping precinct and engage with the community.

“It’s an opportunity for local artists to have their work displayed and seen by a whole new audience,” Ms Daly said.

“As most of the artworks are displayed in shop windows around the Burke Hill area, the art show also gives our local shoppers and traders the ability to enjoy some colour and beauty in a vibrant part of Camberwell.”

Members of the public can vote for their favourite artworks and prizes will be awarded to the best judges matches, most popular matches and other awards provided by retailers and art-loving members of the public. Free programs will also be available in participating stores.

Camberwell on Canvas artwork hanging in Black Sparrow tattoo studio in Camberwell.

Camberwell on Canvas artwork hanging in Black Sparrow tattoo studio in Camberwell.

A passionate beginning

Camberwell on Canvas coordinator Colin Freckleton started the annual art show after having a vision for bringing together a community of artists, shoppers and traders.

“I really appreciate art. When Camberwell on Canvas began five years ago I was trying to think of something that would bring people to Burke Hill in Camberwell and allow for a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week style exhibition,” he said.

“We called it ‘art on show’, not an art show, as it’s about bring inclusive. We want people of all ages and talent to feel they can be part of the exhibition.”

Mr Freckleton said he wanted the art show to be “impactful” and thought getting the artworks created on the same sized canvas would be a great way to show consistency and create an statement as they hang in shop windows.

Each year the Camberwell Centre Association provides the canvases to the artists, which are all 16 inches by 20 inches, and Mr Freckleton coordinates the logistics of getting the canvases to the artists and collecting them once completed. He then gathers information about each artwork and creates tags for them, before getting the canvases strung and hung in their dedicated shop windows.

Mr Freckleton said the theme “Art to Match a Store” gave artists a chance to connect with local businesses and create their own interpretation of the store – be that a reflection of the physical environment or any other elements.

Mr Freckleton said the theme also gave viewers a personal insight into the artworks.

“With each artwork, you can see what the artist has been inspired by. Usually, the viewer wouldn’t get this kind of insight. But now you can stand at the store, view its surroundings and see how the artwork is an interpretation of that store,” he said.

Most importantly, the art show brings together the local community to celebrate Camberwell, Mr Freckleton said.

“We get a lot of returning artists each year, which is lovely. We’ve cultivated a wonderful connection with the local artists and wider community.”

Camberwell on Canvas artwork hanging in Select 7 in Camberwell.

A platform for artists

Camberwell on Canvas has provided a platform for artists from diverse backgrounds, including amateurs and professionals, and those working in different mediums.

The art show has also been a launching pad for budding and student artists, and offered a platform for hidden talent to shine.

This year, the event has attracted 87 artists.

Julia from Empress Road Art Group said Camberwell on Canvas gave her students the chance to get involved in a public exhibition.

“Only a couple (of students) have ever painted before, and yet two have won prizes, there have been some sales and lots of genuine, warm compliments,” she said.

“We all love and know Camberwell but have discovered businesses we were not familiar with and taken our friends and families to view the paintings. I would love to convey the boost in our confidence, and the fun and satisfaction of creating the paintings to suit the shops.”

Artist Maggie said Camberwell on Canvas gave her art group a fun goal, allowing them share ideas and watch each other’s work unfold.

“I enjoyed walking around Burke Hill and seeing all the wonderful paintings and was amazed at the creativity and talent of the artists,” she said.

Camberwell on Canvas also allows artists to sell their artworks to interested buyers, and does not take a commission.

Vote for your favourite artwork

Members of the public can view and vote for their favourite artwork in this year’s Camberwell on Canvas. The artwork with the most votes will be awarded a special prize.

There will also be a “Best Match” award, as voted by a judge and miscellaneous traders who will nominate the artwork they believe best represents the store it hangs in.

Members of the public who vote for their favourite artworks will also go into a draw to win a Camberwell shopping voucher. To enter, visit our competition page here.

Artworks created for Camberwell on Canvas

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