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Bindr Camberwell

Bindr aims to put an end to reactive hiring for small businesses in Camberwell and provide a place to show off your unique workplace culture in order to attract your very own pool of ‘ready-to-go’ local staff. Hiring a new staff member might be your biggest headache for only a few weeks or days in a year, but recruitment never stops, it is an all year round affair that takes a concerted effort to ensure you have the right people at the right time. Having good staff is is vital to your business having a great week, and it’s important not to wait for that call on a Sunday night to find out that hiring has just become your number one priority again this week.

Locality is the number one need for small business recruitment, and Bindr is the number one location focused hiring website. You will no longer waste time screening applications from candidates on the other side of the city when you need someone to open the store at 5.30am or someone to stay with you longer than a few months (non-local staff inevitably leave you for jobs closer to home).

Bindr showcases your workplace to attract the best local people and effortlessly generate your very own pool of potential staff – even when you’re not hiring, ready to hire on demand when you are. Local jobs seekers can connect with your business at any time, ensuring businesses do not miss out on connecting with great local candidates just because there isn’t a current job opening. A Bindr business can generate their own pool ‘ready-to-go’ staff, that grows over time and serves to become a real business asset. You can engage all of your connections in one place at any time, keep them up to date with what’s happening in your workplace and get to know them before they are ever behind the counter.

In a world where improving the sales side of your business dominates much of your time and priorities, Bindr serves to be a low-cost staff finding solution, so that having the right people is one less thing to worry about!

Give your business the upper-hand on building your dream team, read their brief pack and sign up to www.bindr.com.au today.



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