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About NeuAudio

NeuAudio was founded by Audiologist Andrew Campbell. Andrew is a leader in hearing health care, qualified in audiological sciences. He is a speaker, teacher, manager, philanthropist and innovator. His influence in the audiology industry stretches across the world with recognition and patient treatment. Over the last 20 years he has developed a passion for finding shortcuts to better health outcomes by improving his patients hearing. 

Andrew first became aware of the profession of audiology when studying undergraduate psychology and was excited by the fact that Audiologists have the potential to dramatically and measurably change lives, quite often as early as at the initial appointment. Throughout his time in the industry Andrew learned first-hand the lengths his patients would go to just to avoid wearing hearing aids. People generally hated them and he understood why. For many, they believed they were a sign of getting old. Technology has improved significantly from the days of the ‘beige banana,’ which Andrew refuses to fit. He is passionate about fitting his patients with devices that are modern, comfortable, discreet and seamlessly integrate into a smartphone and/ or TV. He understands that hearing loss can significantly impact the quality of life and subsequently the connections that a person has to the people around them. He is adamant about full-time device use and has numerous strategies for helping you keep them out of the top drawer and getting the most value out of your investment, 

According to recent leading studies, treating the early signs of hearing loss proactively is the number one thing you can do to prevent Dementia. This mind Robbing condition not only impacts the person but all those around them. Whilst there’s no cure, measures can be taken to reduce its impact and slow progression, including taking a proactive approach to hearing loss. 

NeuAudio was founded to combine Andrew’s passion for improving quality of life and preventing cognitive decline. He does this by providing an exceptional level of care, fitting his patients with discreet and effective devices and taking the time to educate his patients on proactive treatments and strategies to prevent cognitive decline. In the process Andrew hopes to show that aging is inevitable, yet decline is optional. You can download a free copy of Andrew’s book ‘Catching the Mind Robber – A Summary’ here www.abcbrainhealth.com/ebook 

If you or someone you care about is experiencing difficulty hearing and/or tinnitus contact NeuAudio for a hearing assessment. 

NeuAudio also hold free seminars at least once a month.