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Dymocks Camberwell
Dymocks Camberwell

About Dymocks Booksellers & ABC Centre

Dymocks Camberwell are a family operated store and proud to be part of the local community. With friendly staff, personalised recommendations, large children’s section and ‘hard to find’ book search service. Plus they offer free gift wrapping!

Dymocks run regular author events including ‘Dinner with the Author’ evenings and often have a large selection of autographed books for sale.

Dymocks Camberwell are also an ABC Centre and stock a range of box sets and DVD’s.

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Dymocks Camberwell Presents Dinner with Jane Webster

Event : 10 Oct

Dymocks Camberwell Presents Dinner with Jane Webster

Jane Webster became the poster girl for selling up and following your dreams, having moved her young family to a derelict chateau in Normandy, France and...
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Event : 22 Nov

Dymocks Camberwell Presents Dinner with Mike Williesee

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Dymocks Camberwell Presents Dinner with Marian Keyes

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Meet Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Event : 08 Nov

Dymocks Camberwell Presents: Dinner with Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Beloved TV personality Kerri-Anne Kennerley shares the stories behind the glamour of public life in her book A Bold Life. This is an honest, powerful...