Meet Natalie Zahariev of Euphoria Cafe and Wellness Centre in Camberwell

Meet Natalie Zahariev of Euphoria Cafe and Wellness Centre in Camberwell

When two sisters decided to combine their passion for wholesome food and health services, a unique cafe and wellness clinic in Camberwell was born.

Euphoria Cafe and Wellness Centre offers guests the opportunity to experience healthy living across the spectrum – from getting fit to injury management to fuelling with good food.

The clinic’s point of difference is that it offers a range of wellness services all under the one roof. Whether you want to access reformer pilates, massage therapy, nutritional advice, or simply want to call in for a delicious meal, you can do it all at Euphoria.

Co-owner Natalie Zahariev (pictured, above) is a myotherapist and clinical pilates instructor and brings the distinct health and fitness aspect to the centre, while sister Elizabeth, a qualified chef, heads up the cafe where a healthy and nutrition-focused menu compliments the centre’s wellness services.

Ms Zahariev said the idea for the business came about when the pair realised how well food and wellness services worked together.

“As part of myotherapy, food is a huge component. Depending on what you eat, will determine how well muscles will repair and recover. Also, if you’re going through an injury phase, then what you’re eating is really important. That’s where my passion for food came in, and Liz being a chef, it made sense to put to the two together,” she said.

Ms Zahariev said it was intentional to create a space that offered a holistic approach to health and wellness.

“It all works and integrates well together. A healthy lifestyle involves really good eating, movement, exercise, massage, as well as soft tissue repair for anyone with chronic pain, and you’ve got the steam room for relaxation. It’s nice to be able to have all these things here and offer them to people,” she said.

Meet Natalie Zahariev of Euphoria Cafe and Wellness Centre in Camberwell

A variety of wellness services under one roof

Euphoria Cafe and Wellness Centre offers an incredible range of wellness services to help people recover from injury, manage pain, relax and lead healthier lives.

Massage therapy is good for general wellness – if you experience muscle tension, need to recover from sporting activities, or simply want relaxation time, massage is the ideal treatment option.

Myotherapy is for more acute and chronic pain, and muscular imbalances, Ms Zahariev said. This includes cupping techniques (e.g. myofascial cupping, active release cupping) to release rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluids and toxins, and stimulate blood flow.

Dry needling, often used in the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments, is also offered in addition to taping (Kinesio Taping) and other modalities and techniques.

The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy (MDT), a form of physiotherapy, is available at the clinic and is suitable for anyone who has disc derangement (bulging disc) or back injuries.

The steam room is the perfection accompaniment to any treatment, while also offering quality time to relax and detox, Ms Zahariev said.

“Where a sauna is a dry heat, the steam room is a moisture room. It’s a fine mist throughout the room and it is heated to about 45 degrees (Celsius). You’ll be able to detox but at the same time the body is rehydrating the cells, so it helps to rebuild collagen and promotes repairing (of the muscles) as well,” she said.

Meet Natalie Zahariev of Euphoria Cafe and Wellness Centre in Camberwell

A superfood menu

Euphoria Cafe and Wellness Centre is on a mission to promote healthy eating and empower people to make informed food choices, with nutrition at its heart.

Ms Zahariev said dishes on offer include house-made granola with seasonal fruit, paleo porridge, matcha pancakes, acai bowls and classic avocado on toast.

The menu will soon be refreshed to include more of a focus on “eating all the colours of the rainbow” and getting more colour on the plate, she said.

“For each food group, a different colour has different health benefits. The idea isn’t about how many vegetables can you can eat, it’s about how many different colours can you get on a plate,” Ms Zahariev said.

As part of their new menu that incorporates more superfoods and colour, the centre is offering activated charcoal, beetroot and mushroom lattes.

“They (the lattes) have got really great health benefits – if someone wants to have a little bit of a pick-me-up but they don’t want to have coffee or a caffeine shot, they can go for a superfood latte,” Ms Zahariev said.

The lattes are available as individual drinks or as a flight where customers can try a few small lattes to get a taste of each.

A meal preparation service is also available via the cafe, and they cater to vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, egg free and other special diets.

Meet Natalie Zahariev of Euphoria Cafe and Wellness Centre in Camberwell

Visit the centre

Euphoria Cafe and Wellness Centre

734 Burke Rd, Camberwell

Phone: (03) 9042 2053.


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