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Meet Felicity Lamers of Meredith in Camberwell

Meet Felicity Lamers of Meredith in Camberwell

A much-loved women’s fashion label in Camberwell will continue to offer the quality knitwear and limited edition garments it is renowned for.

Meredith, which has been operating from its Burke Rd store for about 30 years, offers a selection of colourful knits that reflects the brand’s classic, signature style.

Designer and co-owner Felicity Lamers said the brand’s collection features a lot of knitwear in clean and bright colours.

“Meredith is a brand that is famous for its knitwear, and customers have come to expect that we offer beautiful knits,” she said.

Seasonal colour palettes incorporate everything from bold orange and hot pink, to pastels like tea rose and powder blue – shades that are sure to brighten the day.

While the brand does offer garments in neutral colours like black, grey and brown, these pieces are considered complementary to the colourful core range, Ms Lamers said.

“Our customers are looking for something different, something that maybe is not so mainstream, as far as colour is concerned. They’re looking for that splash (of colour) that brightens up your whole appearance when you wear it,” she said.

In addition to the store’s range of knitwear, the scarves are incredibly popular among customers, with limited edition pieces rotating the collection.

The scarves are available in a range of colours and fabrics including chunky slub woven types, Italian cloth and digital prints.

“We never have a lot of anything. Our focus is to offer small ranges of items so that we can give customers something unique and exclusive,” Ms Lamers said.

While Meredith attracts mostly women in their fifties and sixties, Ms Lamers said the brand was suitable for younger women too.

“Our range is very much about an attitude rather than an age profile – it’s lifestyle dressing in that it’s much more relaxed. It’s all about being comfortable in your clothes,” she said.

Women's fashion store Meredith in Camberwell

Turning over a new leaf

Meredith was founded in 1962 and has enjoyed decades of success as a leading boutique fashion brand.

It was bought out by another company in 2013 and eventually fell into voluntary administration in March 2016, but continued to trade.

Ms Lamers was a designer for Meredith for almost 20 years before leaving in 2013 due to company changes.

She set up her own label Matisse, which focuses on knitwear, and went on to buy Meredith which she now co-owns and runs with her husband.

The team are now working on rebuilding the brand to bring back the garments that customers have known and loved for years, Ms Lamers said.

“People walk in to the store and they see the product range, their eyes light up and they say ‘it’s back!’ There’s been a lot of excitement and positive feedback since we’ve revived the brand,” she said.

Meredith in Camberwell is renowned for its range of colourful knitwear.

A focus on quality

Meredith’s knitwear is made from fabrics like ethical Angora, Merino wool and other natural fibres which are designed to last for years.

The fabrics are mostly sourced from European countries including Italy, Spain, Germany and France, with some coming from Australia.

“We regularly get feedback from customers who tell us how long-lasting our knitwear is. The pieces retain their structure and shape if kept well. Some customers have had our knits for 10, 15, 20 years,” she said.

Ms Lamers said a lot of customers purchased Meredith’s knitwear as investment pieces and integrated them into their wardrobe so they can be worn season after season.

“We tell our customers to hand wash the items carefully, lay their knits flat to dry, and give them a gentle iron on the inside – and they last,” she said.

“We’re not into landfill clothing. We don’t want our customers to be disappointed, we want them to have something that is going to last. We want them to put it on and feel proud of what they’re wearing.

“The quality is always there.”


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825 Burke Rd, Camberwell

Phone: (03) 9882 9216

Meredith Clothing


825 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9882 9216


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