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Meet Daniela Scivetti of Ebony M in Camberwell

Meet Daniela Scivetti of Ebony M in Camberwell

For unique, one-of-a-kind garments and accessories, head to Ebony M fashion boutique in Camberwell.

Stylist Daniela Scivetti (pictured, above) said the boutique offers garments that are classic with a bit of an edge.

“The silhouettes and styles are timeless, but the fabric or print gives the pieces a point of difference,” she said.

Ebony M also focuses on sourcing high-quality garments that are made from luxurious fabrics, Ms Scivetti said.

As a destination store, many customers travel to the boutique because they can’t find the same kinds of clothes or labels elsewhere.

From humble beginnings in 2005, Ebony M started as a shoe shop in Toorak Rd, South Yarra before expanding to offer clothing two years later. In 2013, it relocated to Hawksburn.

The Camberwell boutique opened in 2017, in a prime location at the junction, and continues to thrive in the area.

The fashion boutique has done so well that it opened another store in Canterbury earlier this year.

“Even though there are many fashion boutiques out there that are closing, Ebony M is growing and thriving,” Ms Scivetti said.

Ebony M in Camberwell

Unique garments waiting to be discovered

One of the key points of difference at Ebony M is the range of independent and unique garments it stocks.

Clothing and accessories are sourced from Australian and international labels, and the boutique only stocks a limited range of each item, making them exclusive and one-of-a-kind finds.

The boutique offers labels like Antipodean, Elka Collective, Mesop, Free People, Yerse, Desigual and Foxwood.

When it comes to footwear, customers will find Italian boots from Beau Coops, ankle boots from Maya McQueen and espadrilles from Spanish label Gaimo, which are renowned for their comfort.

“We put a lot of thought into the items we get into the store – they’re all really good quality labels and they’re different,” Ms Scivetti said.

“We get small amounts of stock and a lot of labels are quite exclusive; you won’t see them around a lot.”

Scarves are among the most popular items available at the boutique, and range from heavy, woollen pieces to lightweight silk and satin blends.

“Often, we’ll only get one of each of the scarves so they’re quite special,” Ms Scivetti said.

Ebony M pays close attention to the fabrics they select, opting for high-quality materials. A lot of the knitwear available from the boutique, as an example, will often be wool or cashmere blends.

They also cater to their local customer base, with each boutique offering a different range of items.

In addition to clothing and shoes, the boutique also sells jewellery, sunglasses and candles.

Ebony M in Camberwell
Ebony M in Camberwell

Customer care a key focus

At Ebony M, customers can look forward to one-on-one styling where store assistants will help put together entire outfits and offer advice on fit and colour.

“We want to have that personal touch. We want people to feel good and really like what they buy,” Ms Scivetti said.

The boutique knows their customers so intimately that they’ll often get in touch to inform them of new season arrivals.

“We have some customers that we’ve known for a long time and when something comes in that we think they’ll like, we’ll give them a call to let them know about it. And they usually do come in and they do like it. We really get to know our customers quite well,” Ms Scivetti said.

“Equally, we give as much time to the customer that comes in for the first time that has no idea what they like. We want to spend a lot of time with them and help them find something they’re really happy with.”

Ebony M in Camberwell

Visit the store

Ebony M

721A Burke Rd, Camberwell (located at Camberwell Junction)

Phone: (03) 8840 7579.


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