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The best homewares to spruce up your home this spring

The best homewares to spruce up your home this spring

Maybe it’s the warmer weather, perhaps it’s the abundance of sunlight, it could be the appearance of blossoms on the trees – there’s something about spring that makes us want to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

While that fresh and uncluttered feeling of a spring clean has its own rewards, unquestionably the best part of giving our homes a spring makeover is creating new home decorating looks.

And this spring, the gods of home decor are well and truly smiling on those in the spring-cleaning state of mind.

The fabulous homewares stores of Camberwell Junction are jam-packed with new spring home decorating ideas.

We’ve pulled out the three key trends you need to know to create a whole new look for your home this spring.

1. Cottagecore

Cottagecore is an extension of the granny chic phase we all went through, with one key difference: it embraces creativity and everything you love! Interested? Of course you are.

Cottagecore feeds our love of nostalgia and romance. It has all the feels of English country life, a simpler way of living, more in harmony with nature.

You may not realise it, but over the past 18 months you’ve probably already started embracing the vibe, with breadmaking, crafting and gardening seeping into your everyday.

The great thing about the cottagecore trend dominating Camberwell Junction homewares stores is that it’s all about bringing the feels (the emotional ones and the physical ones) into your home.

Think bold floral wallpaper, plush velvet cushions, unique antique finds.

Embracing cottagecore means proudly displaying trinkets you love and incorporating occasional pieces of furniture that you adore.

It’s dusting off Grandma’s tea set, and it’s rummaging through Camberwell Junction’s antique stores and markets for any decorating item that shouts nostalgia.

At the centre of cottagecore is the notion of bringing nature indoors. That means floral prints and actual living plants, dried flowers and any print that depicts a country scene.

2. Naturally neutral

This spring, Camberwell Junction’s home decorating stores are favouring a palette of neutral and earthy tones.

In fact, Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2021 is Brave Ground – a warm, neutral, brown earthy tone, that’s the epitome of this year’s home decor.

Calming and grounding is the vibe, and the back-to-nature tones of brown and green, and muted pinks and orange set the scene for your new nature-inspired decor.

3. Luxe style

Home decor trends this year aren’t just visually warm and comforting, they’re soft and luxurious to the touch.

Velvet ticks all the boxes, as does polished wood and shiny precious metals. It’s all about the comfort of home and filling it with luxurious and pampering textures.

Think of it as the intersection of luxe and mindfulness, embracing all the sensory pleasures of the world around us, not just the visually appealing.

This spring, home decor is all about appreciating the beauty, harmony and peace in the world around us, and whether it’s adding a few key pieces to transform a room, or completely reimagining the interiors we live in.

Camberwell Junction has everything you need to spruce up your home this spring.

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