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Your guide to Father’s Day in Camberwell Junction (plus gift ideas!)

Your guide to Father’s Day in Camberwell Junction

There’s a reason why World’s Best Dad mugs are such a big seller every September and it has nothing to do with the amazing coffee-carrying abilities of a gag mug, and everything to do with lack of Father’s Day inspiration.

What gift could possibly thank your father for everything he has done for you? Also, men can be notoriously difficult to buy for.

Put down that novelty tie and step away from the gag gift store – we’ve got everything you need to really nail Father’s Day.

Plus, we’ve thrown in some gift ideas that will make Father’s Day 2021 the year you get it right, and they’re all on your doorstep at Camberwell Junction.

Treat Dad to brunch

After the long and mandatory sleep in, Dad’s going to need food – and Camberwell is packed with brunching options!

Your choice of venue should be determined by the type of man your father is: is he a traditional bacon-and-eggs-with-avo-on-the-side man, or does he have a taste for more adventurous dining?

Camberwell Junction is home to some of the chicest cafes and restaurants, as well as those with a more relaxed feel. One thing they all have in common is that they know how to do exceptional coffee. Enough said!

Most of Camberwell’s cafes and restaurants offer a range of brunch options via takeaway (and some will even deliver to your door) so plan ahead and make it a brunch to remember.

Toast to Dad

It’s the grown-up way to celebrate Father’s Day and one you’ll all appreciate.

Whether it’s sampling the latest craft beers from a funky Camberwell bar or getting your amateur wine buff on thanks to a sophisticated wine room, sharing a drink is always a relaxing evening that lends itself well to conversation.

Many of the local bars offer fun take-home packs and gift sets where you can make your own cocktail or receive a mystery box of speciality wine, so you can find creative ways to toast to Dad from the comfort of your lounge room.

Make it experiential

Let’s face it, Dad does not need another pair of socks or jocks, and chances are all he wants for Father’s Day is to spend time with you. So why not give him an experience to cherish?

There’s a whole range of things to do in Camberwell, including taking in a movie at Rivoli Cinemas, or browsing through relics of his childhood at the Camberwell Antique Centre. Alternatively, make it an experience Dad would never splurge on himself, like a massage at Endota Spa or even a float session at Elevation Floatation.

Most of these experience-based venues offer gift cards, meaning you can book something in as soon as lockdown restrictions end.

Father's Day gift guide - Camberwell Junction

More gift ideas for Father’s Day

Stuck for what to get Dad? Here are our top tips:

  • There’s not a dad alive who doesn’t love a gadget – they provide hours of entertainment and give Dad the ability to brag about his know-how. Check out Sight and Sound Galleria, Tivoli Hi-Fi and Home Cinema, or the many other electronics stores in Camberwell Junction.
  • If your Dad’s choice of clothing is circa 1994, you can up his fashion game with a jumper, shirt or entire ensemble from one of Camberwell’s menswear stores.
  • He bought you your first bike – now you can buy him one! Cycling is a hugely popular pastime for many men and you can get Dad fitted for his shining new bike at Cycles Galleria or Bike Gallery. Does Dad already have a bike? Then choose from a multitude of accessories and cycling gear.
  • Is Dad a bit of a rev-head? Does he spend most of his weekend with his head stuck under the bonnet tinkering? Autobarn has everything a man with a car could want, from tools to accessories, to audio equipment. And if you’re someone who doesn’t know the radiator from the radio, gift cards mean you’ll always hit the mark.
  • It’s a classic gift, but the reason books make such a great Father’s Day gift (aside from the obvious easiness to wrap) is that if Dad is a reader, they offer hours of happiness and relaxation. You can match the perfect book to your dad at Dymocks Camberwell or find a rare and preloved title at Sainsburys Books.
  • If you’re not sure what to get Dad this Father’s Day, why not get him a gift voucher to spend at his favourite store in Camberwell. It’s a great way to show your appreciation and support local businesses that are doing it tough. View our full shop directory here.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, it’s important that you don’t let any snap lockdowns derail your Father’s Day plans.

Remember, most Camberwell Junction stores offer click-and-collect orders and home delivery, cafes and restaurants provide convenient takeaway options, and even our bars and wine stores can put together beautifully presented gift packs for you to all enjoy in the safety of your own home.

No matter what happens, you can make it a memorable Father’s Day with the help of your favourite Camberwell Junction stores.


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