Richard de Crespigny competition

Win 2 tickets to see Richard de Crespigny and a signed copy of his new book Fly!

On November 4, 2010, a catastrophic explosion rocked an A380 Qantas flight en route to Sydney carrying 469 people. Captain Richard de Crespigny and his team worked tirelessly to land the plane safely with quick thinking, stellar teamwork, resilience and quality leadership. Richard shared this story in his first book, QF32. His new book FLY! offers lessons from his 40+ years of dealing with high stakes situations, including the underlying thinking systems, procedures and skills that could be adapted to professional and personal settings.

Richard is coming to Infuse Camberwell on October 8.

The Camberwell traders are giving you the chance to win a signed copy of Richard de Crespingy’s new book, Fly! and 2 tickets to see him on October 8 at Infuse in Camberwell, hosted by Dymocks Camberwell.

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