Camberwell on Canvas 2019 - Art trail competition

Camberwell On Canvas 2019: Art Trail Competition

Camberwell On Canvas is on again in Camberwell. Take a walk along Burke Hill to see artwork from artists of all skill levels displayed in store windows. Artists were allocated a shop and invited to create an artwork that would look great hanging in that space. The theme is ‘art to match a store’.

Find clues hidden in designated art works to solve a puzzle. Once you’ve collected them all, the first letter of each clue’s answer will spell out an art word originating from the Renaissance period. Make sure you answer it correctly for the chance to win a $600 travel voucher from Helloworld Camberwell. The exhibition will run from Nov 8 to Nov 30. Some artwork is for sale.


  1. Artwork #2 Grill’d Christian name of artist
  2. Artwork #10 Ralph Hairdressing  Key focus of the subject, and what this store is about!
  3. Artwork #16 Afghan Village Restaurant Christian name of artist ( Not an L )
  4. Artwork #31 Helloworld Travel What freezing most Southern continent might you find this family?
  5. Artwork #35 Beauty on Burke These beautiful creatures come in every colour of the ________?
  6. Artwork #41 Camberwell Cellars  Colour of the fruit
  7. Artwork #48 Aussie Camberwell Title of the work
  8. Artwork #60 Collective  Key subject of the artwork
  9. Artwork #66 Camberwell Osteopathy Clinic  Only one direction for take-off
  10. Artwork #69 Boss Pizza  Surname of artist
  11. Artwork #72 Carpet Call Colour of the top middle box
  • What word is made up of the first letter of each clue's answer?
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