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Meet a trader: Olivia Hu of Evergrin Organics in Camberwell

Evergrin Organics - Olivia Hu and Jordan Knox

An organic store in the heart of Camberwell is making it easier for shoppers to find fresh, locally-produced and quality food.

Evergrin Organics, located at Camberwell’s bustling junction, stocks a range of items including fresh fruit and vegetables, organic eggs, dairy products, bulk wholefoods and liquids and also offers healthy juices from their cold pressed juice bar.

Owner Olivia Hu is committed to sharing the organic way of life.

“For us, it’s about much more than simply selling organic food. We aspire to becoming your partner, friend and mentor in achieving a healthful, ‘slow living’ existence,” she said.

The organic way

Everyone has the right to know where their food is coming from, the process it has gone through and the ingredients that are in it – this is the philosophy underpinning Evergrin Organics.

“I’m very passionate about organic food. My mum always encouraged us to eat fresh, organic food. That is why I decided to open this store,” said Ms Hu.

“At Evergrin Organics, we make it easy for you to stay informed, in control and mindful of food you purchase and consume.

“We are dedicated to delivering ‘real’ food to our local community.”

Evergrin Organics - Fresh Vegetables

Beautiful fresh organic vegetables | Image Credit: Evergrin Organics

From the farm to your plate

Look around Evergrin Organics and you’ll notice a theme – not only is the fresh produce certified organic but most of it sourced locally too.

You’ll notice labels that clearly mark fresh produce with information about where the food has been sourced.

There are even newspaper clippings attached to the shelf where Madelaine’s Certified Organic Eggs sit, sharing the story of the young farmer dedicated to raising a 2500-strong flock of free range chickens that consume a diet of organic chicken feed.

The eggs, from a farm in Clarkefield – in Melbourne’s outer north, is located only 66km from Evergrin Organics. How’s that for low food miles?

Sourcing locally is an incredibly important aspect of running the shop, said Ms Hu.

“Most of our produce is grown in Australia. We always look to source locally, within Victoria, first. If we cannot get stock locally then we look further afield, such as interstate.”

This method of sourcing produce is all part of living and promoting a sustainable way of eating, with low food miles and reducing their carbon footprint, said Ms Hu.

“We also purchase food directly from farmers, if we can. We like to support local farmers,” she said.

Evergrin Organics - shopfront

Evergrin Organics store front on Riversdale Road, Camberwell | Image Credit: Evergrin Organics

A seasonal approach

Evergrin Organics is not only renowned for sourcing locally-produced food but also adopts eating with the seasons.

“We have become spoilt for choice having access to all kinds of fruit and vegetables year round. We’ve forgotten how to eat with the seasons,” said Ms Hu.

Eating seasonally has its benefits – the food tastes better and has increased nutritional value because it was designed to grow at that time of year.

Taking this approach to eating may also give you the chance to embrace different foods at different times of the year.

Ms Hu said apples are coming into season as the weather cools down. Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples will be at their finest quality over the coming weeks and months.

Citrus fruits will also be in abundance over the winter, said Ms Hu. Oranges, mandarins and lemons will be well stocked over the next few months.

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Evergrin Organics - Fresh produce on display

A great range of fresh produce

Want to know more? Be sure to visit the store.

Evergrin Organics

499 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell
Phone: 9813 3833


Banner Picture credit: Evergrin Organics owner Olivia Hu and shop assistant Jordan Knox show off in-season apples.

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